Policy Updates

Past Policy Updates

Policy Updates

Issued: 1 June 2023 or sooner

This page displays policy updates which notify users of important changes to the PayPal and Xoom service, the Xoom User Agreement, the PayPal Privacy Statement (which applies to the Xoom Services), or other online agreements, policies, or statements. Please go to “Past Policy Updates” to view previous policy updates.

Upcoming Changes

We’re making the changes listed below. These changes will take place automatically on the corresponding effective date(s) shown below.

Actions Needed

Please carefully review the notices below and familiarize yourself with the upcoming changes. By continuing to use the Xoom services after the changes take effect, you agree to be bound by those changes. Otherwise, no further action is needed from you to accept such changes. However, if you would prefer to decline them, then you will need to close your Xoom account and cease using the Xoom services prior to the applicable effective date, as described in the applicable agreement.


Notice of Amendments to the User Agreement for Xoom services for the European Economic Area and United Kingdom

Effective: 31 July 2023

We’re making changes to the User agreement for Xoom services for the European Economic Area and United Kingdom. The changes to the agreement will take place automatically on the corresponding effective.

Effective 31 July, 2023, for UK and EEA customers, we are:

  • making clear that country specific terms, for example, those in the UK and EEA, prevail over the general Xoom terms.
  • introducing country-specific provisions in the UK and EEA dealing with Limitations of Liability, Your Liability to PayPal, Delays or Cancellations, Suspension or Termination of Services, Modification and a General provision allowing us to modify or discontinue the Service on reasonable notice.
  • providing examples of what ‘account information’, ‘PayPal payment instruments’ and ‘errors in your Transaction’ are.
  • explaining the language(s) in which we will communicate with you.
  • clarifying where you can bring a claim against us and where we can bring a claim against you.

Please carefully review the revised Part D: European Economic Area and United Kingdom Specific Provisions.