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The easiest way to send money, reload phones, and pay bills around the world.


Send money in seconds

Bridge the distance between you and the people you love. Send money to 64 countries anytime, anywhere.

We'll get your transfer there pronto. Each and every time.

Send Money

Reload phones instantly

Keep family and friends connected. Give airtime anytime, for any occasion. It's easy — you just need their phone number.

We'll send the reload instantly and your loved one will get a text the moment it arrives.

Reload Phones

Pay bills from the U.S.

Save your family the trouble of carrying cash and waiting in line — just to pay a bill. Take care of payments directly from the U.S.

All you need is the account number and we'll show you the amount due. Most bills will be paid instantly!

Pay Bills

Top-notch security

We employ top-tier technology to keep your info safe at all times. Plus, we're rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Money-back guarantee

We stand behind the reliability of our service. If your money doesn't get there, we'll refund it in full. Call us anytime if you need help.