Sending an International Money Order

With Xoom you can send money from your computer anytime day or night to people in 30 countries. Xoom provides a fast and secure way to send an international  money order online. Xoom partners with banks and thousands of payout companies around the world.

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Send Money Using a Credit Card or U.S. Bank Account

Sending money worldwide with Xoom is easy. You can send money from your U.S. bank account or by using a major U.S. credit card. See how to send an international money order using Xoom in 4 simple steps.

Send U.S. Dollars or Local Currency

Xoom offers a variety of money delivery options. Your recipient can receive cash in their local currency or US dollars. Xoom money transfers can be direct deposited into your recipient’s bank account. Alternatively, recipients can pick up money or, in some locations, you can have the money hand-delivered to your recipient’s door.

Dec 10, 2010
...students from England, India and other nations often choose to acquire their diplomas in a foreign nation. For students in the U.S., one excellent resource to review before making the decision to travel for school is the U.S. Department of State's webpage one word for students abroad. ... Some students may find that they need to send money internationally after they graduate. Many students choose to wire money abroad in order to make loan payments overseas.
Oct 14, 2010
Many immigrants may be enticed by these benefits in order to send money home to family members who are still living in the Philippines. Filipinos have been coming to the states since before it was officially part of American territory. ...
Nov 11, 2010
Both Castro and Abreu are an inspiration to Latinos across the nation who have come to the U.S. in order to find work and send international money transfers to assist their loved ones who living abroad. This year's Most Valuable Player, ...
Nov 15, 2010
Of course, in order to write and sing music in English, young musicians must learn the language. Many people who have family or friends living in France wire money to help youngsters afford the extra classes needed to become fluent. ...