Xoom Money Transfer Locations

Send Money To
You may deposit directly to your recipient's Euro bank account.
All banks in France are supported, including but not limited to:
AXA Banque
Banque Chaix
Banque Directe
Banque Finama
Banque Populaire (ALL regional Banque Populaires incl. BRED)
Banque Postale
Banque Scalbert Dupont
Banque Transatlantique
BNP Paribas (Including BNP Net)
Caisse D'epargne (ALL regional Caisse D'epargne)
CIC (ALL CIC - Credit Industriel et Commercial)
Crédit Agricole (ALL regional Credit Agricoles)
Crédit Coopératif
Credit du Nord (Banque Credit du Nord)
Crédit Lyonnais (CL)
Credit Mutuel
Dexia Crédit Local de France (Dexia)
HSBC France (formerly Credit Commercial de France)
Société Générale
Société Marseillaise de Crédit (SMC)