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You may directly deposit to your recipient's Dominican Peso or U.S. Dollar bank account.
All banks in Dominican Republic are supported, including but not limited to:
Asociacion Cibao de Ahorros y Prestamos
Asociacion Duarte de Ahorros y Prestamos
Asociacion La Nacional de Ahorros y Prestamos
Asociacion Popular de Ahorros y Prestamos
Banco Ademi
Banco Adopem
Banco Agricola
Banco BDA
Banco BDI
Banco BHD
Banco del Progreso
Banco Empire
Banco Leon
Banco Lopez de Aro
Banco Nacional de la Vivienda
Banco Nova Scotia (ScotiaBank)
Banco Popular
Banco Promerica
Banco Santa Cruz
Banco Vimenca