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International Wire Money Transfers

The internet is a simple and easy way to wire money, but it's always best to use a company that you trust when making online money transfers. Xoom guarantees that your funds arrive at their destination safely and in full. 

Use Xoom to wire money home to friends and family. With Xoom you can wire transfer money from the United States to more than 30 countries, including:
Wire money to ArgentinaWire money to El SalvadorWire money to Netherlands
Wire money to Australia
Wire money to FranceWire money to Nicaragua
Wire money to BoliviaWire money to GermanyWire money to Panama
Wire money to BrazilWire money to GuatemalaWire money to Peru
Wire money to CanadaWire money to HondurasWire money to Philippines
Wire money to ChileWire money to IndiaWire money to Poland
Wire money to ColombiaWire money to IrelandWire money to South Africa
Wire money to Costa RicaWire money to ItalyWire money to Spain
Wire to Dominican RepublicWire money to JamaicaWire money to UK
Wire money to EcuadorWire money to MexicoWire money to Uruguay

Wire Money Delivery

Your family and friends back home can receive your Xoom money transfers by:

Wire Money for Cash Pickup

Instant pickup at tens of thousands of locations around the world. See our International Remittance Pickup Locations.

Wire Money for Bank Deposit

Fast deposit to almost any International Bank.

Wire Money for Home Delivery

Same-day nationwide home delivery to many countries.

Schedule Your Wire Transfers

Use Xoom to easily and quickly send money internationally now or in the future.  A Xoom account lets you set up an automatic payment schedule to transfer money one time now, in the future or many times on a recurring basis.

Need help? Visit our online help center or call us on our 24/7 customer service line at 1-877-993-7966.