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Sending money home shouldn't cost a lot of money, and it should be safe and easy for you and your loved ones. At Xoom, we're proud of our services and are always trying to make sending money home easier. That's why we created a place where you can share your Xoom Reviews and Customer Stories with us and everyone else. We'd love to hear your review or story about how you use Xoom to send money home.

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"I love to send the money to my family in the Philippines through Xoom, because it’s really easy and fast, and safe. I always love Xoom this is the only one I want to send money to the Philippines for my family, thank you Xoom." -Hi

"Already used by my friend in sending money back home and was proven already to be efficient." -Ellen

"You deliver what you promise - Fast and reliable." -Ed

"I haven’t had any problems or junk email, its always a breeze to send money with Xoom." -Daniel

"It's safe and quick sending money with Xoom." -Emmie

"Xoom: I trust Xoom more than I trust my bank (no financial crisis when you need to send money)." -Gert

"It is dependable, quick and easy." -Helen

"Low sending rates available with 100 % reliable service and satisfaction." -Hector

"Fast, easy and inexpensive! Better than any of the others!!! The customer service was excellent and very professional." -Glenn

"This is my first time to use Xoom.com and my family in the Philippines got the money safely and I like the fact that they notify me that the transaction has been processed--gives me peace of mind." -Harold

"I just find it more convenient, just a click from my laptop and I can easily send money to my love ones in the Philippines without hassle and at low cost." -Cathie

"with xoom, it's easy, it's fast;&foremost it's convenient!!!" -Denise

"Simple, you do not need to travel, just turn on your computer and Xoom you send." -Emelita

"Fast and reasonable transfer rates." -Eranio

"Its fast and convenient and reliable." -Dennis

"Easy to use and send. The most cost effective way to send money that we have found that we trust. We have used Xoom for several yrs now and have no problems." -Cherry

"I have sent thousands of dollars with no problems. They have delivered my money to many poor areas of the Philippines and have always found the person it was meant for. Xoom has been very honest." -Don

"Seems secure, so I tried it and it worked!" -Dave

"I've been using Xoom for quite a while now and every time I sent money it always gets there on time and my relatives back home don't have a hard time picking up the money. I just love the service. I've tried western union but I’m not satisfied with their service....they give my relatives a hard time claiming the money that's been sent to them and they ask for extra fee even though I already paid for the fee of sending it here in U.S. Keep up the good work and Xoom is number one. Thanks a million...." -I

"Quick and the price is right." -David

"You've been reliable in the past, very fast and accurate with reasonable rates. The money is readily available at many locations and the recipients have no problem getting their funds." -Jim

"I have used Xoom many times and except for a few short term delays they have given me good service at a fair price. I started using them because of their price and have enjoyed the recent improvements in efficiency and ease of use changes. Their customer service has always responded to my inquiries and feel like my business is important to them." -David

"Fast transfers, numerous places in Philippines to pick up cash....and much much less expensive compared to Western Union." -Jeff

"I only tried it once to test the kind of service Xoom provides. Do I trust Xoom? Sure, I do!" -C.

"After dozens of money transfers with Xoom, I have never had a problem." -Brian

"Its fast,safe and can reach the remotest place on earth to feed the hungry." -Carlito

"Quick, easy and inexpensive way to send money with safe secure methods to ensure that the money is delivered to my relatives with complete tracking capabilities." -Brian F.

"Reliable, fast, and dependable." -Greg

"Having tried alternative methods of money transfer, such as western union, Xoom is the fastest, most efficient, most trustworthy, and most cost effective, in short, the best value." -Jeffrie

"I have used Xoom several times to send money. I checked the company out online before I used them. Looked like a good company and money savings over western union. I have always had great service from Xoom. I have sent large to small amounts. The transactions have always been processed quickly. Recently had one deposit into BDO done in a few hours. They do what they claim to offer. Very good company and will continue to use them to send money to family in Philippines." -Jeffery

"I was able to talk to a live and real person on the phone for inquiry. The banks mentioned in the xoom advertisement have good reputations among the banking system in the Philippines. These banks won't allow their involvement with xoom if xoom is not a legitimate system of transferring money. And of course, the money I sent was received within the days I was told." -Evangeline

"Quality service at good prices." -Gregg

"Why I trust Xoom? It's simple, easy and affordable and money in minutes! And most important no waiting in line just submit Xoom tracking number, id with picture and password if any, at all participating banks." -Farida

"It's fast, easy and safe for my family." -Emelita

"It's convenient fast and reliable. The one thing I like the most once I remit on line they will send you a confirmation # which is good. They will keep sending you email about the progress like the money is on the way words like that is you can trust Xoom. I like it and love what they doing to people like us. I mean when it comes to sending money to our love ones." -Cora

"I've done 4 or 5 money transfer with Xoom and I'm very happy with the service." -Edwin

"Because it has partner banks in the Philippines whom I trust. Besides it goes straight to the account of my recipient w/c is very convenient. And as your advertisement says id rather go online than in-line." -Eleanor

"I have used Xoom repeatly for transfers. During this period, I have had consistent excellent dealing with Xoom. Everything is set up to make the process easy, fast and efficient." -Douglas

"I give Xoom great reviews for sending money to quickly to my mother-in-law in Jamaica." -Laura

"I trust Xoom because it is affiliated with reputable banks." -Dannie

"I trust Xoom with my money transfer because of its fast and reliable service." -Jehan

"Because I can trust the transfer through their bank pickup location." -Dennis

"I have had experience with Xoom and they have never let me down. I needed refunds and it was no hassle at all. Xoom is the best company for money transfer." -Haitham

"I trust Xoom because it is partnered with secure banking institutions and also endorsed by reputable dignitaries in various professions. Xoom has conducts reliable security measures to protect me as a customer and also my recipient. The rates are very reasonable and transfer processing is extremely fast and dependable." -Erick

"Very safe, confidential&convenient." -Dannie

"Cost saving over your competitors. Your service is reliable. Customer service is well informed and helpful." -Brian

"Never a problem at a reasonable price." -Dave

"It's quick and easy." -Dave