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You may deposit directly to your recipient's Vietnamese Dong bank account.
All banks in Vietnam are supported, including but not limited to:
ABBank (An binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank)
ACB (A Chau, Asia Commercial Bank)
Agribank (Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development)
Ban Viet (Viet Capital Bank)
Bao Viet (Baoviet Bank)
BIDV (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam)
DongA Bank
Eastern Asia Commercial Bank
Eximbank (Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Bank)
GP Bank (Global Petrol Commercial Bank)
Habubank (now SHB)
HDBank (Housing Development Commercial Joint Stock Bank)
Hong Leong Bank
Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Lien Viet Bank
MBBank (Quan Doi, Military Bank)
MHB (Mekong Delta Housing Development Bank)
Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Navibank (Nam Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank)
Oceanbank (Dai Duong, OCEAN Commercial Joint Stock Bank)
PG Bank (Petrolimex Global Bank)
Phuong Dong (Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank)
Phuong Nam (Southern Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Sacombank (Saigon Thuong Tin Bank)
SaigonBank (Saigon Bank for Industry & Trade, Saigon Cong Thuong Ngan Hang)
SeABank (Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank)
SHB (Saigon-Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank)
Shinhan Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Techcombank (Vietnam Technological and Commercial Bank)
TPBank (Tien Phong Bank)
VBSP (Vietnam Bank for Social Policy)
VDB (Vietnam Development Bank)
VIB (Vietnam International Commercial Bank)
VID Public Bank
Vietcombank (Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam)
Vietinbank (Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade)
VNCB (Vietnam Construction Joint Stock Commercial Bank)
VP Bank (Viet Nam Thinh Vuong, Vietnam Prosperity commercial joint-stock bank)