How to Send Money Online

Sending money is easy with Xoom. You can send money from your computer anytime day or night to people in 30 countries. Xoom provides a fast and secure way to send money online. Xoom partners with banks and thousands of payout companies around the world.

Send money online to India
Send money online to Mexico
Send money online to the Philippines
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Send Money Using a Credit Card or U.S. Bank Account

Sending money worldwide with Xoom is easy. You can send money from your U.S. bank account or by using a major U.S. credit card. See how easy it is to send a Xoom international money order.

Send U.S. Dollars or Local Currency

Xoom offers a variety of delivery options. Your recipient can receive cash in local currency or US dollars. Xoom money transfers can be direct deposited into your recipient’s bank account. Alternatively, in many countries, cash can be picked up, and in some locations, hand-delivered to your recipient’s door.

Nov 29, 2010
Adults who have reached an agreement with the recipient of their child support have several options on how to wire money to make payments. Many choose to send money online through a secure money transfer service. ...
Dec 09, 2010
There are many companies that allow their customers to send money to locations in different countries. Often the international facilities where the money is received may be in less-than-ideal locales, such as questionable neighborhoods ...
Oct 07, 2009 CEO, John Kunze, explains how Xoom secures and encrypts your information when you send money online with Xoom.