Xoom Partners with BTS to Offer New Options for Sending Money to Latin America

Xoom.com Offering Free Money Transfer to Latin America with Coupon Code

SAN FRANCISCO, February 20, 2007: Continuing their effort to bring convenience and value to the immigrant community, Xoom Corporation (Xoom.com) announced today that Bancomer Transfer Services, Inc.'s (BTS) extensive network of Latin American banks will become a receiving partner for Xoom.com's money transfer service to México, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, PanamPanamá, Perú and Uruguay. Xoom.com also offers money transfers to Chile and Paraguay.

Depending on the country, Xoom customers can send money to their beneficiary for cash pickup at a branch, can deposit the money directly to their beneficiary's bank account or can choose to have the money delivered to the beneficiary's home or office. They can choose from a variety of ways to fund the transaction online, including a checking account, credit card, payroll card or PayPal.

Money transfers to Latin America at Xoom.com start at only $2.99, including these countries:

Country Local Partners Pickup Locations Services
México BBVA Bancomer
Telecomm Telégrafos
HSBC (Bital)*
4,600 Cash Pickup in Pesos
Direct to Bank Deposit to BBVA Bancomer
Argentina Banco Francés
Latin Express*
260 Cash Pickup in Pesos&USD
Colombia Banco Davivienda
BBVA Colombia
650 Cash Pickup in Pesos
Dominican Republic Banco Del Progreso
Caribe Express*
130 Cash Pickup in Pesos
Home Delivery Countrywide
Guatemala Banco Agromercantil*
Banco Uno
Banco Industrial
770 Cash Pickup in Quetzales
Honduras Credomatic
Banco Ficohsa
Banco Uno
210 Cash Pickup in HNL
Perú BBV Banco Continental
270 Cash Pickup in USD
Direct to Bank Deposit

*Xoom partner not part of the Bancomer partnership.

"Our partnership with BTS provides more locations and makes it even more convenient for beneficiaries to pick up cash, and it adds five new countries in Latin America to our network," said Julian King, the Xoom SVP of Marketing and Product. Those five new countries are Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama. Xoom.com has been offering convenient, low cost service to Latin America since 2002.

People can send money online through Xoom.com by going to the website www.xoom.com and use the coupon code XOOMLATINO to get a free money transfer on their first transfer. They can send money to their beneficiary for pickup at a nearby location or can deposit the money directly into their beneficiary's bank account, depending on the country. The money is available to the beneficiary within 15 minutes of completing a Standard Service transaction. The beneficiary does not have to have a bank account to pick up the money.

About Xoom

Xoom.com allows individuals to send money from any Internet-enabled computer to family, friends and businesses worldwide. Xoom Corporation was founded in 2001 in San Francisco and is backed by leading venture firms Sequoia Capital, New Enterprise Associates and Fidelity Ventures. www.xoom.com

About Bancomer Transfer Services, Inc.

Bancomer Transfer Services, Inc. (BTS) is a non-bank subsidiary of BBVA Bancomer and is licensed for money transmission from the United States abroad. Provider of money transfer services since 1995, BTS is headquartered in Houston, Texas and currently provides service to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. BTS has the largest bank distribution in Latin America.