Xoom Forgoes Fees to Aid Hurricane Ivan Victims

Money Transfer Company Waives Remittance Fees to Jamaica

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - September 10, 2004 - Xoom Corporation, online-to-offline money transfer service announced today the offering of no-fee money transfers to Jamaica until September 21, 2004. Hurricane Ivan, a category 5 storm, caused widespread damage Friday, passing closely by Jamaica. The storm caused 16 deaths on the island, uprooted trees, destroyed buildings and left thousands in shelters across the country.

Funds coming from Jamaicans living and working abroad are critical in helping the island nation recover from this natural disaster. "We hope we can provide some assistance to families back in Jamaica," commented Xoom CEO, Kevin Hartz. Hurricane Ivan is the strongest hurricane to hit Jamaica since category 3 Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.

Xoom's unique money transfer service allows non-resident Jamaicans to send money from any Internet-enabled computer to friends, family and loved ones in Jamaica. Senders can use a credit card, PayPal or eCheck to transfer money internationally. Recipients, who do not need to have bank accounts or computer access, receive cash in local currency. Currently, Xoom enables money transfers to the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong, in addition to Jamaica. The company expects to add several more countries by the end of the year.