ICICI Bank of India

Use Xoom to transfer funds to ICICI Bank of India from your USA bank account or credit card. It is a simple online and paperless remittance service.


Direct deposit funds to your recipients’ ICICI Bank account. ICICI Bank is the second largest bank in India. ICICI Bank has a network of 2,509 branches and 5,808 ATMs in India, and has a presence in 19 countries, including India.

Remit to India ICICI Bank

Xoom provides a fast and secure means of online remittances to India.

•    Fast Remittances to India – within 24 hours to most bank accounts in India
•    Transfer Dollars to Indian Rupees
•    Competitive Exchange Rates&Fees

Xoom Money Transfers

With Xoom you can send money from your computer anytime day or night to people in 30 countries worldwide. Xoom provides a fast and secure means of sending money online.