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Why am I getting a Payment Authorization failure message?

Possibilities are:

  1. Your credit card number, expiration date or verification code are not entered correctly. The verification code (or CVV) is a physical signature for the actual credit card you are holding and it will change when you receive a new card (with a new expiration date, etc.).  Please make sure you enter the correct CVV or verification code for your new card.
  2. Your address is not entered exactly as it appears in your billing statements. You should contact your credit card company to make sure all addresses associated with your account are correct.
  3. Your credit card company does not support the Address Verification System (AVS). Xoom requires all credit cards to support this.

If you are unable to place a transaction after confirming all of the information above, please do the following:

  1. Log into your Xoom Account and click on "My Account."
  2. Click "Credit and Debit Card" under Account Services.
  3. Remove the non-working credit card by clicking on the "Remove" button.
  4. On your web browser, delete all cookies and temporary internet files.
  5. After the card has been removed, click on the "Add" button and re-enter the card.

If you are still unable to complete a credit card transaction, please try using a different credit card. 

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