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What is an eCheck and how does it work?

Funding a Xoom money transfer with an eCheck is easy and secure. All you need is a U.S. bank account. An eCheck is an electronic payment where the money is directly withdrawn from your checking account, just like writing a check. When you use eCheck, you get Xoom's lowest fees. If economy is a priority, definitely use this funding method. Visit  Xoom Fees and Exchange Rates to see how much you can save on fees with eCheck funding.

To pay for your transaction with an eCheck, start by adding your U.S. bank account to your Xoom profile. You can do this during a transaction or on My Account. This is perfectly safe and secure since Xoom encrypts all confidential information. Enter your bank's nine-digit routing number and your checking account number from the lower edge of one of your paper checks.

Choose "Pay with a Bank Account" to use the eCheck funding method. Xoom will verify your account with your bank and make an electronic withdrawal from your checking account. When we have received your account verification, we will forward the transaction to our partner for further processing. eCheck transactions typically take from 1 to 4 business days to clear.

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