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Recipient's Form for Deposit Authorization

Your recipient is required by Jamaican regulations to have a form on file with either VMBS (for accounts at VMBS and Jamaica National Building Society) or JMMB (for accounts at all other banks).

The form, signed by the recipient,  authorizes the deposit into the recipient account. To read more about the regulation, see section 1.2b of the Remittance Guideline to Jamaica

How to submit the form

  • All other bank accounts require supporting documentation:  Drop off the completed  Deposit Authorization Form with a copy of the Recipient's ID and Tax Registration Number at any JMMB money transfer location, or email it to  If the Recipient is a U.S. citizen, only a copy of his or her U.S. passport detail page needs to be submitted with the completed form.

For more information about this form, please contact our partners directly:

 VMBS: 1-877-253-1498 (within the US) or 876-978-0732 (outside the US), or email

 JMMB Money Transfer: 876-929-1660 or 876-929-9589  (outside the US), or email

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