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How does Xoom's bank deposit service to India work?

You can send money to bank accounts at most banks in India. Funds are deposited electronically into Indian Rupee (INR) accounts. Individual bank branch operating and processing hours may vary.

Our partners are strictly required to observe Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations.

Bank Account Details Required
Inaccurate bank details are the main cause of money transfer failure. Correct account information is crucial. In order for your bank deposit to be processed in a timely manner, please make sure you provide all information needed for the transfer and review these details with your recipient to be sure the information is correct.

  • Bank Name. View Xoom Money Transfer Locations for complete list of banks. For some banks you will also be asked to choose the bank branch name, its state and city.
  • Bank Account Number
  • The entire name of your recipient as it appears on the recipient's bank account
  • Your recipient's complete address, including city, state and postal code.
  • A valid phone number for your recipient (city code + domestic number)

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