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How much money can I send from Xoom?

The limits on the amount of money you can send depend on several different requirements:

  • Xoom limits for the sender  View table
  • Xoom limits for the recipient
  • Partner limits
  • Country limits

    Xoom Limits

    As soon as you sign up, you can send up to $2,999 USD every 24 hours, up to $6,000 USD in a 30-day period, and up to $9,999 USD in a 180-day period. Sending limits are applied to the combined activity of all accounts with the same physical address. For this reason, Xoom recommends maintaining one account per household to more easily manage your sending limit.

    Every Xoom transaction is capped at $2,999 USD but you can send up to $25,000 USD in a 30-day period (up to $60,000 USD in 180-days) by supplying additional information to help us ensure a secure money transfer experience while meeting Federal and State regulatory requirements. You will be prompted to provide this information whenever you try to send more than your current limit or you may save time by making arrangements with our Customer Verification team to provide this information in advance. Learn more about sending limits

    Higher sending needs may be accommodated upon receipt and review of additional information. To arrange higher sending limits in advance, contact our CCA  team at (877) 748-6444 (within the US) and +1 (415) 395-4343 (outside US).

    Per our Privacy Policy, all documentation will be secured, kept confidential and is only used for verification and compliance purposes. Xoom reserves the right to decline requests for increased send limits.  

    Your recipient may also have limits on the amount of money received. Please refer to  Recipient limits for more information about Xoom limits on recipients.

    Recipient Country or Partner Limits
    In certain cases, there are also limits defined by the country where you are sending money. In some countries, different partners have different limits.

    For more information:
    First select the country from the "Sending and Receiving" area of Help
    Next select the appropriate FAQ (for example "What are the Cash Pickup requirements in Mexico?")




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