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How long does a Xoom money transfer usually take?

Xoom is committed to getting your money to its destination as fast as possible.

We pride ourselves on our rapid money transfers, and we never hold on to your money longer than necessary.

Many  transfers are available for your recipient in minutes. 
This varies by country, the method of delivery you select, and how you pay for the transaction. 

Some things that can slow down processing:

  • Additional information required by Xoom or recipient bank or financial institution for your security
  • Payment processing / verifying your bank account
  • Pay network processing hours
  • Branch location hours / delivery hours / holidays
  • Erroneous recipient details

More specific delivery times are available as you provide more details about how you’d like to send the money.

You  will receive email notifications as your money transfer progresses through our system.

You can track the transfer on the Xoom web site.

You can cancel the transfer without a fee.

We promise, with a money-back guarantee, that your recipient will receive the money.

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