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How do I track the status of my transaction?

Transaction status is shown on the Track Transaction page on the Xoom website. Additionally, Xoom sends emails to keep you aware of important changes in your status.

The transaction information on the website is available only to the senders and the recipients of our services.

The sender can see status by signing in to Xoom and entering the Transaction Number on the Xoom Home Page,  or by looking on the My Account page of the site.

The recipient can see status by clicking on the special link in the "Track Your Transaction" email  sent by the "Xoom Order Status Team".  The sender provides the email address of the the recipient to Xoom. If you are the recipient and did not receive the email,  please check your spam/junk folders.  If your email address was not provided to Xoom when the transaction was created, the sender may enter it on the Track Transaction page and Xoom will send you the email with the link in it.

If you are the sender of a transaction, click here to go to the Track Transaction page.

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