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How do I pay for a Xoom transaction?

You may safely and securely pay with your bank account, credit card or debit card from any U.S. bank.

Paying with your bank account

This is the most cost effective payment method. You simply enter your routing and account number as it appears on your bank statement or check. This is the easiest and least expensive way to use Xoom.

Paying with credit card or debit card

This is also a great option. You can use Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card issued by any U.S. bank.

You simply enter your name as it appears on the card, the type of card, the card number, security code and expiration date. Credit card authorization reaches Xoom very quickly - usually within a few minutes.

Points to consider when choosing between paying with your bank account or using your credit card or debit card:

Pay with your bank account

  • Lowest fees
  • Usually very fast but may take up to four (4) business days for Xoom to receive funds from your bank.

Pay with your credit card or debit card

  • If you are using a credit card (not a debit card), your credit card company may charge you a cash advance fee. Contact your credit card company if you have questions about possible fees.
  • Fastest way to transact with Xoom.

For more information about fees, visit  Xoom Fees and Exchange Rates.

Xoom is committed to maintaining the highest level of security for our customers and reserves the right to modify or discontinue any part of the Service with or without notice, per our User Agreement.


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